Don't just take our word for it, here is what some of our lovely clients have been saying!

I can honestly say Alice is the best Pilates teacher I’ve known.
Alice has worked with me after two pregnancies - one being a twin pregnancy. 
Alice finds the right level for you, then works with you to build on balance, getting the postures right and working on your pelvic floor and core.
Alice has an in-depth knowledge of Pilates and clearly explains to you the impact the postures you’re undertaking have on your body. She also corrects your posture - in what seems a minuscule way - but you feel the difference instantly. It was invaluable to me, as it really meant I was getting the most out of Pilates and fully engaging in the posture in the correct way.
Alice is also a patient and calming presence and after her classes I’d always feel both relaxed and rejuvenated.

Ruth, London

Alice has been giving me 1:1 lessons in my home for about 6 months now as I have a young daughter so getting to evening classes is hard. I have been to a LOT of Pilates lessons with many different teachers for the last few years and I think a real difference with Alice is she is so good at watching your body and making tiny corrections so you get the exercises right. She has adjusted the way I have been doing really basic exercises and the exercises suddenly feel so much more effective - I use the muscles I am supposed to be using! Another difference is that as someone who has worked in an office Alice also knows how to address problems from sitting hunched over a computer all day. Would totally recommend Alice to anyone, even if you are experienced at Pilates – she’s brilliant.

Alexandra, London

Alice is a brilliant teacher and ensures that you get things right from the start. She explains things clearly and is a great example of the exercises she is talking about

Robert, London

I love my lessons with Alice. She is so friendly and calming and I feel very encouraged after each lesson. As a complete beginner it’s so nice to have a teacher that explains the exercises to me as well as helping me to improve with each session. I have already noticed a difference in my body and technique.

Bianca, London


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